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Hametown is an unincorporated community that sits along the Susquehanna Trail. Residents of the area have countless local eateries and shops at their disposal. There are also good schools within close proximity as well as some of the area’s most enticing wineries and outdoor spaces. While Hametown might be a quiet area, it’s also located within reach of Baltimore, so many residents enjoy the big city or commute for work. But even this quiet town sees its share of pest problems, from termites to spiders.

At ATC Pest Control, we are the top team in reliable pest control in Hametown for both homeowners and businesses. We have been in operation since 2008 and have been dedicated to top-quality work since then. As a locally owned business, we have a unique perspective and background. Each of our technicians is extensively trained and will always be professional at each visit. We are fully licensed and incorporate Integrated Pest Management methods no matter what pests we’re addressing. Because we are a full-service company, we are able to address termite, mosquito, general pest, and even mold problems. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For more information on our services, please call us today!

Residential Pest Control In Hametown

At ATC Pest Control, we’re here to help keep your Hametown home pest-free throughout the year. We are a locally owned business that always puts quality first for your benefit. In order to keep your home protected from pest problems, we offer the option of one-time visits, ongoing general pest control, and pest-specific services. Some of the unique pests that we treat for include termites, bed bugs, rodents, stinging insects, and mosquitoes. We also provide mold remediation services when you need extra help.

Whether you’re dealing with an active pest problem or want to take a proactive stance against them, simply give us a call. We’ll be over shortly to perform a free inspection where we look at every angle of your home. Our expert technicians will even use a thermal imager to identify the most hidden pests. From there, we’ll provide tailored treatments that adhere to Integrated Pest Management methods. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all of our work and will never make you sign a contract. To learn more about our residential pest control services in Hametown, please call us today.

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Commercial Pest Control In Hametown

When it comes to keeping pests out of your Hametown business, ATC Pest Control can help. We are a locally owned, licensed, and insured company that will do what it takes to eliminate your pest problems and prevent new ones. Each of our technicians is thoroughly trained and will work with you to identify the best ways to treat your property.

Our services are based on the Integrated Pest Management approach, which means sustainable pest-free results that you can trust. We offer general pest control as well as specific services for some of the most challenging issues, such as termites, bed bugs, and rodents. When you partner with us, you can always expect discreet service, stellar customer support, and a pest-free promise. For more information on our commercial pest control services in Hametown, please call us today.

Why DIY Bed Bug Control In Hametown Usually Fails

Bed bugs are a common invader of Hametown homes; however, DIY methods usually fall short. Here are a few of the reasons why that’s the case:

  • Infestation location: Typically, bed bugs invade areas of the home like mattresses, couches, furniture, and other hard-to-reach areas. This means that it might be hard to detect the full extent of an infestation since many bed bugs will be hiding out of sight. 
  • Reproductive schedules: Female bed bugs can lay anywhere between five and ten eggs a day for ten days after they’ve eaten, which means that outbreaks can grow out of control very quickly. 
  • Wrong treatments: Many of the products that are available at hardware stores are simply not effective and have the potential to be harmful to families. The most impactful option for removal is heat treatment, which is not something available to the average homeowner.  

At ATC Pest Control, our bed bug control services in Hametown are unlike any others. We are a fully licensed, certified, and insured company with expertly trained technicians. Because we know that bed bug infestations can be challenging to eliminate but must be gotten rid of completely, we employ K9 inspections. This highly specific service is unique and sets us apart from other companies and works to find even the most hidden of infestations.

Once we’ve identified the location and scope of your problem, we use heat treatments in the Thermification process so that we can effectively get rid of every bed bug in your home. These services are also backed by a one-year warranty. For more information on dealing with bed bugs, call us today. 

The Safest Way To Remove Rodents From Your Hametown Home

Rodent problems are very common for Hametown homeowners. These pests are usually looking for food or shelter, which they can find in the strangest of places. This can entail rummaging through trash bins or living in crawl spaces. But not only do rodents tend to live in the areas of your home that you can’t access, but they can also be harmful to your well-being. Rodents have the potential to spread the pathogens that cause leptospirosis, hantavirus, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. They can also spread parasitic pests such as ticks and fleas, so you’ll want to avoid them at all costs. But fear not; ATC Pest Control has the solution!

We are a locally owned, fully licensed company whose technicians are all trained to deal with rodents specifically. In order to eliminate your rodent problem, we’ll start with a free comprehensive home inspection. These inspections give us the information that we need in order to provide the most effective service possible. Because all of our methods are based on Integrated Pest Management guidelines, they are safe for the entire family, totally humane, and focus on long-term relief. We even guarantee these services 100%! For more information on Hametown rodent removal services, call us today. 

Hametown, PA Bed Bug Treatment

We’re here to help you rest easy again after suffering from bed bugs in your home. ATC Pest Control is the number one bed bug exterminator in Hametown, PA. We are experts at bed bug heat treatment technology and the practices that make the difference between long term relief from bed bugs and continued frustration.

ATC Pest Control employs a comprehensive set of tools and solutions, including heat treatment, biological, and chemical to remove bed bugs from your home. We tailor the prescribed set of treatment solutions to fit your needs and budget.

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Hametown, PA Area’s #1 Bed Bug Exterminator

You don’t have to sleep another night with Bed Bugs. ATC Pest Control has the Solution.

Don’t Throw Out Your Furniture, Spray Chemicals, or Panic! We can save your mattress and all your furniture.

ATC Pest Control provides the Hametown, PA area Effective & Affordable bed bug extermination and treatment services for our residential and commercial customers using advanced technology.


Comprehensive Bed Bug Treatment Options

Hametown residential

Whole House Treatment?

  • We use portable indirect fired forced air heaters. We also offer electric heaters for high rise apartments, condos, hotel & some multi-unit commercial applications.
  • These eco-friendly devices elevate the ambient temperature to a level that is lethal for bed bugs.
  • Heat treatments eliminate the requirement to use toxic pesticides inside your home and the potential for lingering chemical residue.
  • Our professionally trained technicians can safely eliminate the bed bugs in one treatment without damaging your home.

ATC Annual Protection

Finally, a program that makes sense! Simply put, YOU’RE COVERED.

You will be protected against ants, mice, bees/wasps, hornets, carpenter ants, crickets, spiders, flies, roaches, stink bugs, silverfish, earwigs, moths, rats, clover mites, spring tails, fleas, ticks, cicada killers and many more. This service also protects you against termites and provides you with bed bug insurance.

How To Prevent Ants From Getting Into Your Hametown Home

People call us about ant infestations more than any other pest problem here in Hametown. Ant control is more difficult than many property owners initially realize, and once they notice that they need professional assistance, they call on ATC Pest Control. We are proud to be the most trusted name in ant control for Hametown!

We’ve developed a treatment that is so effective against ants that we confidently back it with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We use a two-step process that doesn’t involve any odor or fumes that gets the job done right every time. It’s completely safe for children and pets, making it the best choice for you and your family to rely on when you need ant control services for your home!

Aside from relying on our professional services, the next best thing that you can do to stop an infestation is to prevent it. There are plenty of measures that you can take in order to stop an ant infestation before it ever occurs.

Addressing areas of high moisture will stop attracting ants to your property. Ceiling cracks, gaps, and holes around your property will eliminate entry points that they can use to access the inside, helping to prevent an infestation as well.

Keeping an eye on food is also essential to stopping ants from marching into your property. Cleaning up crumbs or spills, keeping surfaces and floors clean, and keeping food in sealed containers can all help to stop ant infestations. Staying on top of dirty dishes and trash can also help eliminate attractive factors that could bring ants onto your property.

Last but not least, you want to keep an eye on your exterior property and address factors that may lure ants indoors. Keeping firewood away from your house and cutting tree branches and vegetation back from the edge of your property will also help!

Why Hametown Residents Shouldn’t Try To Face Wasps & Bees Alone

Facing stinging insects like wasps and bees isn’t a task that property owners should take on by themselves. Relying on our local professionals is the best course of action you can take to ensure that your home is free of these stinging insects. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable while trying to enjoy your property. We’re here to help ensure you don’t have to worry about bees and wasps ruining your good time by providing you with the best stinging insect control services in Hametown!

Our technicians know how to detect and stay out of the flight paths of these stinging insects so that we can get right up next to the nest without any fear of injury. Whether the nest is in the ground, in the wall, in the attic, or in a tree, we guarantee that we can get to them so that you don’t have to worry about them anymore. With state-of-the-art technology, including thermal imaging, we’re able to pinpoint the exact location of the nest on your property so that we don’t need to cause excessive damage while in pursuit of stinging insects.

We have suits to protect us so we can stay and finish the job from start to finish that same day. Don’t take on this potentially dangerous task yourself. Reach out to our experts to get the safe and guaranteed stinging insect control service you deserve!

Why Bats In Hametown Need Professional Removal Services

Bats are amazing mammals that are, unfortunately, in severe decline. Many American species of bats are endangered or threatened. There are specific guidelines for bat removal that ensure the safety of each and every one of these little creatures, and we’re the professionals to get the job done completely and correctly every time!

We have been helping property owners with proper bat removal for 25 years now. We are licensed to perform this service at any time of year. With specialized equipment, we can remove bats and all of their droppings in a safe manner so that you and your family have nothing to worry about. We never harm the bats during the removal process, ensuring every bat removal is up to code.

Sometimes, you’ll need to replace insulation after bats have taken up residence with you. Our company can handle that for you as well! We’ll clean and sanitize the area once the bats have moved on to find another habitat.

We confidently back all of our bat removal services with a one-year warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our bat removal experts. Give us a call to get started with bat removal in Hametown.

Get Insight Into Your Hametown Property With Real Estate Inspections

When you need a real estate inspection, you need help from our local experts! We’re the pest control company you can count on for a thorough real estate inspection that doesn’t miss any signs of pest activity, including hidden bugs or critters. We’ll give you a detailed insight into your property to ensure it’s ready to sell!

A real estate inspection from our pest control company involves one of our trained professionals coming out to thoroughly search your property for any critters or pest problems that could pose harm to the structure of the property or anyone inside. We’ll look at the interior and exterior of the property in question, looking for signs of pest activity or conducive conditions that could lead to future pest infestations. If we find any critters or pest problems, we can handle those issues by providing you with the best pest control services in the area. We can also let you know your property’s condition by looking for and finding any evidence of bug infestations, wood decay, or any other potential hazards that could compromise health or safety in any way.

So, when you need a real estate inspection done right, we are the company to call! We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Common Types Of Wildlife Pests Found In Hametown

Hametown is no stranger to wildlife pests that can wreak havoc on your home and garden. Here are five common types you might find in the area:

  • Groundhogs: These burrowing rodents are known for digging extensive tunnels and feasting on garden plants. They can undermine the structural integrity of your home in the process.
  • Moles: Moles are small, elusive creatures. They tunnel underground in search of insects to feed on. Their tunneling can create unsightly mounds in yards. It can also disrupt the root systems of plants.
  • Squirrels: You might admire squirrels for their acrobatic antics. Still, they can become pests when they enter your home, chew on electrical wiring, or raid bird feeders and gardens.
  • Raccoons: Raccoons are highly adaptable. They are notorious for rummaging through trash cans and scavenging for food. They can also cause damage to attics or crawl spaces.
  • Voles: Often mistaken for mice, voles are herbivorous rodents. They can cause damage to gardens by gnawing on plant roots and creating surface runways.

Typically, managing these wildlife pests involves a combination of prevention and removal methods.

Call ATC Pest Control today to learn about our wildlife control services, including wildlife trapping, removal, and other techniques, depending on your circumstances.

Where Termite Activity Is Most Likely To Occur Inside Hametown Homes

Termite activity in Hametown can pose a significant threat to your property. These wood-eating pests are infamous for their destructive capabilities, and several common areas within your home are particularly susceptible to termite infestations.

First, let’s start with basements and crawl spaces. Termites often infiltrate homes from ground level, making these areas attractive targets as they provide a dark, moist environment conducive to colony growth. From there, termites can access wall framing. If this happens, you might notice blistered or discolored paint, indicating termite activity hidden behind the drywall.

Additionally, silent and relentless termites can feast silently on wooden foundations and support beams. This process can gradually weaken your home’s structural integrity and result in costly repairs. Signs of wood damage include hollow-sounding wood, sagging or buckling floors, and piles of frass or termite feces. If you deal with a severe infestation, probing wood with a screwdriver could cause wood to crumble.

And if termites enter the attic, they may set their sights on anything from roof rafters to eaves and wooden trusses, compromising the overall stability of your roof. Drywood termites are most likely to infest this area of your home as, unlike subterranean termites that typically nest in soil and build mud tubes to access structures, this species establishes colonies within the wood itself.

Finally, termites can go beyond your home’s structure; they can infest wooden furniture, especially if it’s in contact with the ground or damp areas. Landscaping elements like mulch beds and stored firewood can also attract termites, who can find their way into your house. Ask us about potentially treating the wood in your home to make it resistant to termites.

If you suspect termite activity, it’s imperative to consult experts who specialize in termite control near you to assess the extent of the infestation and implement effective treatment strategies. Call ATC Pest Control today to schedule an inspection and get started.

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What’s Attracting Stink Bugs To My Hametown Home?

Stink bugs can be a nuisance, but understanding what attracts them can help you take preventive measures. Here are some factors that may be luring them into your home:

  • Warmth: Stink bugs seek warmth, especially during the cooler months. They look for sheltered places to hibernate as temperatures drop, and your home provides a cozy environment.
  • Entry Points: Stink bugs can easily find small openings in your home they can squeeze through. Gaps around windows and doors are excellent opportunities for them. Properly sealing them can help prevent them from getting inside.
  • Light: Light sources, both natural and artificial, can draw stink bugs in. It is a common issue in the evenings.
  • Vegetation: Stink bugs feed on plant material. If you have gardens or ornamental plants near your house, they could be the culprit. Consider maintaining a buffer zone of gravel to deter them from getting too close. Similarly, stink bugs love ripe fruits and vegetables. If you have a garden or fruit-bearing trees, ensure you harvest them promptly.
  • Moisture: Humidity and water are magnets for stink bugs. They create the cooler, sheltered environment they seek when looking for overwintering spots indoors.

Our stink bug exterminators can help prevent these pests from entering your home and eliminate infestations. Call us today so we can learn more about your situation and property and tell you about our practical solutions.

The Most Important Strategy For Combating Mosquitoes In Hametown

Mosquitoes are a common problem in the area because they breed in standing water, which can be common in our yards. Unfortunately, they are attracted to us by the carbon dioxide we exhale and can transmit diseases you must avoid at all costs. Their bites also cause itching and discomfort, making them a nuisance to most people trying to enjoy an evening outdoors.

The most important strategy for combating mosquitoes in the Hametown area is effective mosquito control strategies, including prevention efforts.

First, eliminating or reducing mosquito breeding sites is paramount. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. You should regularly inspect your property for anything from containers to puddles and eliminate or treat them. We recommend emptying flowerpots, cleaning clogged gutters, and maintaining swimming pools according to the seasons.

Also, ensuring that your doors and windows have screens in good condition to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home is essential. Remember to repair any damaged screens promptly.

Finally, when spending time outdoors, especially during peak mosquito activity times (dawn and dusk), wear protective clothing and use mosquito nets or outdoor fans to create a breeze that makes it difficult for mosquitoes to land.

When you need more than addressing breeding sites and protecting yourself from bites, our experts can help. Contact ATC Pest Control to learn about our highly effective mosquito treatment strategies.

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