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Purchasing a new home is often a stressful and overwhelming experience. This means it’s easy to let a lot of the steps in the home-buying process fall by the wayside until the last minute. However, you should not do this with your new home pest inspection.

Not only do most mortgage companies require you to complete this step in order to obtain a loan, but this is an extremely vital process, even for those who buy with cash. The last thing you want is to buy a new home only to find out it needs thousands of dollars worth of termite removal and termite damage repair.

That’s why you should trust the experts here at ATC Pest Control. Not only can we inspect your home and file all the necessary reports to prove that it is free of wood-destroying insects, but we can also help you eliminate an infestation if you find one and still want to purchase the house.

Why You Need Real Estate Inspection

Why You Need Real Estate Inspection

There are several reasons why you need a real estate inspection before purchasing your property in the Baltimore area. The main reason you might need one is it is typically required to get a pest inspection for a mortgage.

If you are taking out a loan for your house or other property, the mortgage company likely will not fund you if you do not do an inspection and file the necessary paperwork demonstrating that the property is free of wood-destroying organisms. If an inspection comes up positive for these organisms, it is highly likely you will have to deal with them, as well as negotiate a new price for the home, before you can make your purchase.

Even if you do not need a home loan pest inspection because you’re purchasing in cash, you should always get one anyway. Maryland home sellers are required by law to disclose known pest infestations to potential buyers. The problem with this is it is very easy to go a long time with an active termite infestation and not know it.

This means homeowners may sell you a house with an infestation that they either legitimately did not know they had or can easily claim they did not know about. Pest inspections eliminate the possibility of you buying an infested home unawares and potentially dealing with thousands of dollars of repairs as a consequence. 

Our Real Estate Inspection Process

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When we start our home pest inspection, we pull out all the stops. Our trained experts don’t just take a quick look around for obvious signs of termites. We do a full-scale sweep of the entire home and its immediate surroundings. We also use thermal imaging to pinpoint exactly where termites can be inside your walls. So you can rest assured that if there are termites around, we will find out.



If it turns out your potential new home does have termites, we have extensive treatment options. We offer:

  • Altriset/Termidor injections
  • Natural mineral wood treatments
  • Termidor dry and foam for inside areas

Aside from all the treatment options we offer, we also boast an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have never had a damage claim or lawsuit in our 30-year history!



After we perform our home and pest inspection and get rid of any termite problems we find, we will put together a Wood-Destroying Insect Report (WDIR) to send to mortgage companies for your home loan or refinance. All our documentation is provided in the required NPMA-33 format.

Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Inspections

If you are getting a mortgage or refinancing your existing home, you will be required to get a home loan pest inspection to prove to the mortgage company that the potential purchase is free of expensive pest infestations.

Typically, potential home buyers are not required by law to inspect their purchases. This is a requirement of home lenders, meaning cash buyers are usually exempt. However, home pest inspection costs pale in comparison to the cost of buying an infested property. So you should never skip the inspection – no matter what requirements you’re subjected to.

If your inspection finds an infestation, you will have a few options. You can back out of the purchase altogether. You could negotiate concessions in which the seller pays for extermination and repairs. Or you could negotiate down the price of the home purchase and take care of the infestation yourself. Whatever you decide, your lender will have to be made aware and may choose not to fund.

Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks – Trust The ATC Pest Control Experts!

The experts here at ATC Pest Control will have your back throughout every step of your home inspection process. We won’t just tell you, “Hey, you have termites.” We’ll work hard to get your potential new, Baltimore area home free of these destructive pests so that you can have a worry-free purchase and move. 

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