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ATC Pest Control Offers an Advanced Heat Treatment

We heat the interior of your home to temperatures that are lethal to bed bugs but safe for your home. Heat works quickly to kill bed bug during the treatment. There is no waiting for chemicals to kill bed bugs over time.

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Conventional treatment options are affordable and effective at the same time. The trained and experienced owners at ATC Pest Control can formulate the right solution to fit your budget.

All treatment options provided by ATC Pest Control are safe and non-toxic. Your family and pets can return home safely.

ATC Has the advanced monitoring and control technology. Your home is heated to a level lethal to Bed Bugs but safe for your home and everything inside.

You worked hard for it…Don’t throw it away!

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ATC treatments are professional & effective without removing anything from your home. We are professionals and take pride in securing your home, property and peace of mind.

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Bed Bug

Thermification only by ATC Pest Control

Thermification is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to eradicate bed bugs and their eggs by heating up the location to lethal temperatures while drastically reducing the humidity. This treatment is very desirable as a “green” or non-chemical alternative. Heating units, special dehumidifier and multiple fans are brought into your home to raise the temperature to between 120 and 140 degrees and lower the humidity below 20%. The maximum heat is then maintained for several hours with computerized temperature monitors to ensure evenly disbursed lethal temperatures throughout the area. All people, pets, candles, alcohol, aerosols, medications, fireworks, some plastics, firearms and ammunition must be removed from premises. Electronics may remain. ATC is the only company that is authorized to perform this advanced treatment which differs drastically from just thermal remediation treatments alone.

Why Heat?

Heat is effective to control bed bug infestations and stored product pests. All insects have sub-optimum, optimum and lethal temperature thresholds for growth, survival, multiplication, and mortality. Insects have lethal temperature limits, generally greater than 120°F at which all stages of the life cycle are killed. Targeted temperatures are in the range of lethal temperatures required to completely eradicate the target insect populations. Adding the advanced dehumidifiers allows the thermal death rates to fall by 30%.  This process will allow the death of bed bugs and eggs much faster and deeper into the walls and other hiding places then thermal alone.

Heat kills by dehydration or drying out the insects. At low relative humidity, less moisture is available to insects and they desiccate at higher rate due to ‘dry heat’. The lower the humidity of the heated space the quicker the space becomes lethal to the targeted insect. Let Advanced Termite Control (ATC) use Thermification in Maryland and Thermification in Pennsylvania to rid bed bugs from your home!

How long do you have to heat the room?

Treatment time is an important factor for effectiveness of treating insect infestations with heat. Treatment time in turn is dictated by various factors such as clutter, structure, layout of the space, severity of infestation, and airflow management. Adults are generally most susceptible with eggs being most tolerant. Therefore, treatment time should ensure heat penetration to reach all probable places where insects can take refuge. Generally, holding lethal temperatures for a longer time will be more effective compared to shorter treatment times and is a function of the factors mentioned above. Generally, our heat treatments will require 6-10 hours per 1200 square feet.

For heat treatment to be effective, it is imperative that all parts of the area being treated reach lethal temperature levels. Bed Bug control is very important and clutter is an enemy of heat.The targeted area for treatment must be clean and free from debris. Cold spots or missing some areas may result in populations rebounding after heat treatment. That is why we use thermal imaging to ensure ALL areas are properly heated. Places that are difficult to heat may include concrete floors, outside walls, corners and areas isolated from the heat and air. We will prepare a heating plan considering the layout of the area and its contents so that equipment (heaters, fans etc.) and temperature sensors can be placed optimally to ensure that critical temperatures are achieved. We will target a temperature of between 130-140 degrees.

How hot will it get and will my belongings be ruined?

The range of lethal temperatures (minimum and maximum temperatures) should be carefully controlled so that heated space or its contents are not damaged. A list of items to be removed prior to heat start-up significantly reduces risk of damage to contents. Achieving the temperatures lethal to insects requires effective air flow management for uniform distribution. Lethal temperatures in heat-treated space is vital to effectively eradicate pest populations. It is essential to monitor temperatures by strategic placement of sensors to identify cold and hot spot/pockets so that corrective action can be initiated. This corrective action may be heater relocation, moving or adding fans, or rearranging the clutter within the space for good air flow to achieve lethal temperatures. Cold Spots can harbor insects whereas hot spots may be risky for structure or its contents. This advanced treatment causes no damage to your home or belongings.  The humidity level will return to normal once the treatment stops.

Our Temperature Sensors are good indicators of areas that need air movement to achieve lethal temperatures. There might also be some dead air pockets in and around the clutter where air does not flow properly. In such cases, the contents may have to be moved around or accessories like racks/hangers etc. might come handy so that hot lethal air circulates around difficult-to-reach areas.

Highest temperatures recorded by temperature sensors will not exceed 140°F. At this temperature, it is basically airflow management to ensure an overall lethal temperature profile throughout the heated space. Temperatures exceeding 160°F may damage items within the heated space. As temperatures reach around 140°F, the digital modulation control on the heater is used to lower/maintain temperature range and prevent overheating and damage.


One of the advantages of using temperature to control insect activity is the ability to inspect inside the areas being treated. This allows applicators to pinpoint exactly where areas of insect activity are prevalent and in turn use this information to further target heat and fans. A thermal imager is used to ensure all areas and items are heated to the proper temperature.

K9 Inspections

k9’s are trained to smell only live viable eggs and live bed bugs.  We have partnered with only the best K9’s to provide this service to you if you are not sure if you have bed bugs or after treatment to ensure all of the bed bugs and eggs are gone. Ask us for more details on setting up these inspections. We highly recommend it. People are at best 30% accurate at detecting bed bugs whereas specially trained K9’s are 99% accurate and much faster.


ATC has developed the Thermification process to maximize the thermal death rate of bed bugs while at the same time removing the moisture from the air that helps keep them alive during heat treatments. This process far exceeds any standard for any heat treatment. By removing the moisture from the air during the heat treatment, the bed bugs thermal death point is lowered by 30%. What this means is that all bed bugs and their eggs will die at lower temperatures and because the moisture is removed from the air, it is 100% effective. One treatment in one day and it comes with a one year of insurance with deductible.  Stop living in fear and take your home back today and sleep tight tonight.

Other Options

You can request a k9 inspection at anytime for $350 (residential only).  After the thermal treatment is performed and the k9 clears you, you are responsible to pay for any additional k9 inspections.

Bed Bug Insurance

Like the thermal pro 110, ATC is the only company that offers bed bug insurance.  This is great if you are high risk like public services, hospital worker, social worker, had them before, know someone who has them etc. Just answer a few basic questions, have a k9 inspection, pay $350 and you have a full year of coverage.  What does it cover?  If for any reason you get bed bugs you automatically save 50% for any treatments to include a focused heat treatment or full thermal treatment. You can renew each year. 

Thermal Pro 110

(Formally called the Hex Pro Mini)

This is a handheld device that ATC has developed for consumers to use to treat and control bed bugs.  It simply plugs into any standard outlet and produces thermal remediation which kills bed bugs and their eggs in 5-7 seconds.  You need to move this device around the areas of concern and keep it 10-12′ away from the area being treated.  This is very easy to do and we have videos and technical support ready to help if needed.

Costs $943 plus s/h and tax