Bed Bug Control Services

Do you have a bed bug problem?

ATC has the solution.  One treatment in one day with a one year warranty. Bed Bugs have become a widespread epidemic, and we are here to provide the best solution to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your home.

If you are not already hearing about the widespread epidemic of Bed Bugs, then we are here to inform you that the problem is very real! Outbreaks are being reported all over the states, affecting 4-star hotels, residential housing, college dormitories, movie theaters, thrift stores and even famous clothing stores such as Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch and Victoria’s Secret. The Bed Bug Registry tracks infestations of Bed Bugs across the US. Visit their site to see locations near you that have been effected.

These tiny insects, no bigger than an apple-seed, come out during the night to feed on your blood. They inject a type of anesthesia that prevents you from the realization that you are being bitten, until you wake up with small, red welts on your body. However, not everyone produces an allergic reaction to the bites. In fact, it is estimated that 70% of people do not show any signs at all until you actually see the bugs, blood stains or fecal matter from the insects.

These tiny insects are no bigger than an apple-seed and come out during the night to feed on your blood.

They inject a type of anesthesia that prevents you from the realization that you are being bitten, until you wake up with small, red welts on your body.

Spotting a Bed Bug Infestation

Look for unexplained rashes, although not everyone has a reaction to the bites. If you react badly, use antihistamines.

Check your bed frame, or the joints of furniture, for black dots of between 0.5mm and 1mm (as if the tips of ballpoint pens had been tapped against the wood). Those black marks are bedbug feces.

Contrary to myth, bedbugs do not live in your mattress, although they may be found in the seams. Check your sheets for bloodstains: you may have rolled over and crushed a bug after it has fed on you. If you have a severe infestation, you might notice a sweet, musty smell around your bed frame.

the life cycle of a bed bug

Eradicating Your Bed Bug Problem

Bed Bugs are extremely hard to get eradicated of once they have invaded your home, unless you seek professional help. 
They can live more than a year without eating, rapidly reproduce and survive temperatures from freezing to over 110°F. Despite the number of times you wash your sheets and clothes, they can keep coming back.

First thing to do is to talk to your neighbors. It is possible your bugs have come from them, or that you have given them yours. No one is to blame and no one is immune because bedbugs can be picked up anywhere and brought home.
Heat is indisputably, the only effective way to control bed bug infestations and stored product pests.
All insects have sub-optimum, optimum and lethal temperature thresholds for growth, survival, multiplication, and mortality. Insects have lethal temperature limits, generally greater than 120° at which all stages of the life cycle are killed. Targeted temperatures are in the range of lethal temperatures required to completely eradicate the target insect populations.

Learn more about the Thermification Process

ATC has by far the most advanced bed bug treatment.  You don’t have to do much to prepare for the treatment.  The treatment kills 100% of all bugs in one treatment to include all the eggs.  Its so effective we give you a one year warranty.  And in most cases it only takes a day.  Thermification is a advancement of just thermal heat treatment and ATC is the only company authorized to perform this advanced treatment.  Its a one, two punch bed bugs can’t survive.
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ATC Annual Protection

Finally, a program that makes sense!

Simply put,

You will be protected against ants, mice, bees/wasps, hornets, carpenter ants, crickets, spiders, flies, roaches, stink bugs, silverfish, earwigs, moths, rats, clover mites, spring tails, fleas, ticks, cicada killers and many more.

This service also protects you against termites and provides you with bed bug insurance.