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Hanover features historical buildings, delicious pretzels and potato chips, and plenty of places to explore. However, pests are close behind people in any desirable town to live or work. Critters invade homes and businesses without warning, looking for food, water, and a haven from predators. The best way to prevent future infestations is to schedule regular treatments from pest control in Hanover.

ATC Pest Control is a name that strikes fear in the heart of bugs, rodents, and occasional invaders. Our technicians focus on delivering quality customer service, understanding their unique needs, and applying the most effective pest control solutions. When ATC Pest Control provides residential or commercial pest control services, we work hard to keep your property pest-free.

Residential Pest Control In Hanover

No homeowner sees a pest infestation as part of the décor or a welcome addition to the family. When rascally critters descend upon your kitchen or living room or hide in the basement or closets, it’s a real hassle. Trying to eliminate pests without professional products or using exclusion techniques is tricky and frustrating. Often, invaders like evading a homeowner’s detection and hide inside a crawl space, between walls, or in dark, narrow crevices or cracks.

ATC Pest Control has technicians with the experience and know-how to flush out pests where they love to hide and evade capture. We focus on an initial inspection to determine the home’s exact pest problems and then work on developing a winning strategy.

Homeowners trust ATC Pest Control for results because we are a cut above the rest.

  • Sign up for our annual pest control protection or quarterly pest control services.
  • Seek us out for specialized bed bug control or termite control treatments.
  • When bed bugs cause trouble, we use K-9 detection and thermal imaging to hunt down these parasites.

Our residential pest control services in Hanover send uninvited houseguests packing and keep them on the run. The best way to ensure effective home pest control is to schedule regular treatments from ATC Pest Control annually or quarterly.

Pests in your home can cause unwanted injuries, annoy you at night, or spread disease-causing pathogens. It’s no fun cleaning up droppings and greasy stains or battling lingering, foul odors.

Get pests out of your home fast when you call ATC Pest Control for treatment.

Commercial Pest Control In Hanover

Businesses want to focus on serving their customers and providing a safe workplace for their employees. When there’s a pest infestation in a company, it’s a downward spiral for everyone. Customers and employees might shy away from a business when there’s a risk of pest-related injuries, sickness, or hazardous conditions. Pests running amok in a company will destroy inventory, contaminate surfaces, and may become aggressive when approached directly.

ATC Pest Control is ready to oust pests from businesses in a flash. Our commercial pest control services in Hanover are the best and most effective around.

When businesses sign up for our quarterly or annual protection plans, our technicians will perform re-treatments between regular services and monitor for potential problems. Local pests are no match for ATC Pest Control, such as:

  • Mice
  • Flying and crawling insects
  • Spiders
  • Occasional invaders

Our technicians will apply general pest control solutions to flush out critters. Plus, we inspect and treat your property’s interior and exterior. Infestations won’t last long once ATC Pest Control starts servicing your business.

Call ATC Pest Control to schedule an inspection and sign up for quarterly or annual commercial pest control.

What Keeps Nuisance Birds Away From Properties In Hanover

A flock of birds is a lovely sight in a park or alongside a river. When countless birds are roosting over entrances, building nests near foot traffic, or leaving droppings everywhere, it’s a nightmare. Acting fast and installing mechanisms to deter birds from hanging around and making trouble is essential. Contacting a professional pest control company for an effective solution is the best move to stop bird invasions safely.

ATC Pest Control has bird removal services in Hanover to stop disturbances and disruptions caused by these pests. Unfortunately, droppings from birds can cause slip-and-fall accidents or make people ill. Nesting birds raising offspring can make quite a commotion during the day or evening.

Pigeons, starlings, and sparrows can be quite a nuisance for homeowners and businesses in Hanover. These top culprits may nest on roofs, under eaves, on top of ledges, and even in gutters.

Sometimes, it may be necessary to seek the humane removal of birds or install deterrents. Netting these animals and relocating them far away from your property without harm is best for everyone. Our quarterly annual protection plan and annual protection plan include bird control services.

Contact ATC Pest Control to solve a problem with pesky birds that cause excessive noise and leave debris, feathers, and droppings behind.

Eliminating Bed Bugs: Solutions For Hanover Homeowners

Some of the worse pests to host in your house are bed bugs. These critters are difficult to eliminate without professional solutions and love to evade detection. At the first sign of bed bugs, the best option is to call the pros for an inspection and treatment. An experienced technician can determine if and when a bed bug infestation is over and the successful elimination of these parasites.

ATC Pest Control knows how frustrating and embarrassing it is to have a bed bug infestation. These parasites love to hide around mattresses, bed linens and pillows, headboards, and adjacent furniture and walls in bedrooms. The bedroom isn’t the only target for these pests, as bed bugs also linger in clutter, behind walls and baseboards, and in luggage or used appliances.

How can homeowners thwart bed bugs and keep them at bay for good? Try the following solutions and call for bed bug control services in Hanover as soon as possible:

  • Remove clutter and garbage often, and frequently sweep, dust, and vacuum.
  • Wash and dry clothes and bed linens using high heat.
  • After traveling, isolate your luggage and clothes. Inspect and clean them to stop bugs.
  • Cover your mattress with a protective cover to keep bugs out.
  • Seal or cover gaps and cracks around outlets, baseboards, or other narrow, dark hiding spots.
  • Don’t wait to get bed bug control services as soon as you notice signs of a problem.

We trust and depend on our K-9 bed bug detection and proven strategies to find and eliminate bed bugs. Our thermal treatments are highly effective against these insects, and we’ll monitor for infestations on your property.

Call ATC Pest Control to treat your home at the first sighting of live or dead bugs, shed exoskeletons, or after waking up to itchy bites.

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How To Reduce Bees And Wasps In Hanover

If you’re concerned about stinging insects on your Hanover property, it’s more than understandable. Bees and wasps can be a highly unwelcome presence on the property where you spend your leisure time. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting stung when trying to relax in the outdoor space you love. Seeing a hive or a nest is a great way to ruin your outdoor respite and keep you on edge all season long.

Luckily, there’s plenty that you can do to effectively reduce your chances of getting stung. Our local professionals are here to help you put stinging insect populations in their place with the best service available forstinging insect control in Hanover. We’re well-versed in the best ways to handle every common type of stinging insect that’s likely to be on your property. We can safely, effectively, and efficiently remove stinging insect hives and nests from the premises so you can get back to living your best life without worrying about getting stung.

In addition to taking advantage of our professional stinging insect control service, there are effective preventative measures you can take to stop attracting stinging insects to your property. These tips will also help you keep them outdoors so you’re not unpleasantly surprised by a stinging insect while inside. Take note of the following measures and implement them so you can have the sting-free season you deserve:

  • Seal cracks and crevices on your property to keep stinging insects outside.
  • Repair any tears in screens on doors or windows.
  • Keep windows and doors tightly shut.
  • Keep food covered while spending time outdoors.
  • Avoid wearing scented products that could potentially attract stinging insects to your yard.

If you take action with these simple measures and rely on our professional services to resolve any infestation, worrying about getting stung can become nothing more than an unpleasant memory. Reach out to our team of local technicians to get your stinging insect control process started today.

Why DIY Rodent Removal Isn’t Recommended In Hanover

Property owners are commonly considered more than capable of handling rodent infestations using DIY methods. Unfortunately, you may be unable to control a rodent infestation effectively without professional assistance. While traps may yield some success, the remaining rodents that manage to evade this DIY approach will continue to reproduce while hidden on your property, leading to a seemingly endless rodent infestation that continuously compromises the health and safety of the property you love.

Don’t let rodents take a toll on your property, potentially leading to health concerns and property damage in the process. Stop leaving them to their own devices so they can continuously call your property their home. Reclaim your space with the help of our local technicians, and are exceedingly high-quality service for rodent control in Hanover.

Our rodent control services are guaranteed, so you have nothing to worry about when you work with us. We always prioritize the health and safety of your children and pets, so you don’t need to be concerned when you depend on us for help. Allow us to treat your property as if it were our own and provide you with the most outstanding rodent control services in town. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today.

How To Stop Ants From Colonizing Your Yard In Hanover

Are ants colonizing your yard in Hanover? If you see these little annoying insects everywhere you turn, this may very well be the case.

You can rectify the situation and keep ants from taking over your property with the right combination of moves. The first thing you will want to do is to contact our team of technicians for the expert treatments you’re looking for. We proudly offer the best service available forant control in Hanover. Reach out to ATC Pest Control and schedule your appointment today.

Once our professionals have effectively eliminated the current ant infestation on your property, it’s time to take action to prevent future invasions.

Stop attracting ants to your yard by taking note of the following preventative tips and implementing them:

  • Address areas of high moisture on your property, including any leaks.
  • Seal cracks and gaps on your property that could allow ants inside.
  • Clean food and drink spills as soon as you can.
  • Keep floors and surfaces as clean as possible.
  • Stay on top of dirty dishes.
  • Store food properly.
  • Store and dispose of trash properly.
  • Keep firewood, tree branches, and vegetation away from your property’s structure.

With these tips in place, you’ll be able to stop worrying about ants in no time. If they do happen to march their way back onto the property you love, remember that we’re always here and happy you get rid of them again.

Warning Signs That Your Hanover Home Has Termites

Termites are tricky pests that can cause extensive amounts of expensive damage to your property. In order to protect the structural integrity of your property and the resources in your pocket, it’s essential to detect termite infestations as soon as they occur. That’s why we’re here to help with the appointment you need for your annualtermite inspection in Hanover. Once we catch an infestation, we can treat it immediately so no significant amount of damage can occur to the property you’ve invested so much in.

If you see certain warning signs of termites in between annual appointments with our local experts, it’s imperative to call right away. Reach out to our team if you see any of the following warning signs:

  • The presence of termite swarmers
  • Shed termite wings
  • Termite frass (sawdust-like appearance)
  • Soft spots in wood

If you have any reason to be concerned, our termite experts will conduct an inspection to ensure there’s no infestation plaguing your property. If there is, we’ll handle the issue swiftly and effectively so you won’t have to worry about damage to the structural wood on your property. Never hesitate to reach out to ATC Pest Control; we’re happy to help.

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