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ATC Pest Control is a local, family owned and operated full service company. We provide high quality service to both residential and commercial customers. ATC is not your typical pest control company in many ways. For example, we do not run in and out of your home. We don’t have 25+ appointments each day. We have 6 – 8 at the most. Speed is not what we are about. Our service technicians actually study your home each service. They look at the changing environmental conditions around the outside perimeter of your home as well as the structural conditions inside. This takes time. Our service technicians also have studied and have all graduated Purdue University’s Entomology Program and each of them have earned their own License in multiple States. Each understands the biology of the targeted pest and the chemistry of the materials used. We train on all materials and all pests, so when it comes time to determine what to use and how and where to use it, they know and don’t have to call someone to tell them. Each are challenged constantly by all of us. We are all very competitive and are always trying to learn something the others didn’t know. This results in a very knowledgeable staff.

All of our customers are listed in our customer computer software by name. The office staff learns customer’s names plus it helps that when you call into our office we know who you are before we answer the phone. Scheduling is the key to any successful pest control company and we are able to offer a 2-hour service window for our customers. This allows our service technicians the flexibility to stay and deal with a pest issue at one customer while not being late to another. This option also allows our customers the freedom to schedule and know we will be there so the customers day isn’t wasted waiting for someone to show up all day. We never show up to anyone’s home that doesn’t have a confirmed appointment. If you have had a pest control company in the past that leaves a note on the door saying, “Sorry they missed you and the outside was treated,” with a bill, you won’t get that with us. Our scheduling software is state of the art and works with us and you to pick the best time and day for your service. Our office staff constantly strives to make the best accommodations for all of our customers. We are able to place detail notes in every customers account for accurate communication and performance. Some customers like us to use the side door instead of the front door or treat the inside first so they can let their dogs outside. It doesn’t matter we can accommodate anything. Our office staff are the nicest people you could ever talk to on the phone. They are very personable and concerned for your best experience with our company.

​As part of any good operation, the chain of command is key. Our chain of command is our family dynamic. Mom and Dad start it off. Caryn is the president and oversees the office side of the operation. Caryn handles all insurance, and human resources for the company while managing company policies. Bryan oversees the field operations. Bryan handles all materials used and treatment techniques. Kristi (Caryn’s sister) is our Office Manager. Kristi is responsible for the daily operations of the office to include customer communication, scheduling, AR and overseeing the office staff. Ashley (Caryn and Bryan’s daughter) is the assistant Office Manager. Ashley handles the AP and warranty renewals for our customers. Ashley also places all of the material orders for our technicians. Matt (Ashley’s husband) is our Operations Manager. Matt handles all of the technician’s needs such was equipment, materials. Matt also handles difficult pest issues and treatments as well as quality assurance inspections.

“ATC has been my dream for many years. I have been in the pest control industry of over 25-years. I’ve seen things. It frustrates me when I see companies just look at customers as numbers and design all of their programs for profit, not results. ATC has changed this approach. Of course you need to make a profit to stay in business that said, if your daily goal is based on customer service and driven by results, then the profit takes care of itself. My goal has always been to provide the most personable, reliable and safe service available anywhere. I hand-select all of our materials and have used them in my home. I pride myself on quality, not quantity. I appreciate and am extremely grateful to each and every customer that has allowed myself and my team into your homes and your lives. I plan many more years of growing our business and look forward to the continued teaching of my trade to my three children, Ashley, Tyler and Christopher. Each week I share my experience and knowledge with our listening audience with our radio show, ‘What’s Bugging You”. This show has been a great resource for listeners to get straight answers to their questions and recommendations from someone who does it every day.”

– Bryan W. Guderjohn (ATC President & Founder)

From Our Beloved Clients

ATC Annual Protection

You will be protected against ants, mice, bees, wasps, hornets, carpenter ants, crickets, spiders, flies, roaches, stink bugs, silverfish, earwigs, moths, rats, clover mites, spring tails, fleas, ticks, cicada killers, and many more. Our specialized treatment services can also protect you against termites and also comes with bed bug insurance