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ATC Annual Protection

You will be protected against ants, mice, bees, wasps, hornets, carpenter ants, crickets, spiders, flies, roaches, stink bugs, silverfish, earwigs, moths, rats, clover mites, spring tails, fleas, ticks, cicada killers, and many more. Our specialized treatment services can also protect you against termites and also comes with bed bug insurance
ATC Service OverviewOne Time CorrectiveTermite Protection ProgramBed
Bug Program
Annual Protection
Program (APP)
Inspect and treat for general pests ( such as ants, crickets, flies, spiders, bees/wasps, silverfish, roaches, earwigs, rodents, stinkbugs and more) Interior/Exterior (60 day warranty)xxxx
Free installation and monitoring for termites xxx
Free retreats in between regular services xxx
Full protection when termites are discovered and treatment to areas
of concern at no additional cost to you! (Termidor or Altricet)
 x x
Bed Bug monitoring and Thermal Remediation services provided
to you at a lower cost deductible in the event bed bugs are discovered.
Monitoring and inspections for termites and bed bugs with full protection when termites are discovered to include termite treatment at no additional cost to you and Thermal Remediation treatment for bed bugs at a lower rate deductible.   x

Annual Protection Program

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Annual Protection Program

After an initial detailed inspection resulting in no evidence of bed bug or termite activity, you may qualify for our top of the line program which offers you four scheduled services per year. We will provide you with full pest control for general flying/crawling insects and rodents, free termite monitoring and free retreats in between regular scheduled appointments. We will also provide coverage to your home and in the event that termites are discovered, we will treat at no additional cost to you. Fleas, stored product pests, carpet beetles and clothing moths also included. Bed bug treatments do have a deductible. Wildlife excluded. There is an initial start-up fee plus the purchase of mattress encasements for all mattresses in home.

Bed Bug Protection Program (BBPP)

After an initial, detailed inspection that determines no evidence of bed bug activity or following a recent Thermal Remediation Treatment performed at your location, you will be given the opportunity to go on this program. We are offering you a type of “insurance” in order to protect you from the costly treatment of bed bug eradication. There is an initial service fee (waived for Thermal Remediation Treatment recipients) plus the cost of bed bug proof mattress encasements that must be placed on all mattresses within your home. You will be provided with full pest control of your general flying/crawling insects and rodents, bed bug and insect monitoring, termite monitoring, free retreats in between regular scheduled appointments and of course, your bed bug warranty that entitles you to treatment for bed bugs at a deductible. These quarterly appointments are scheduled 4 times per year. Termites and wildlife are excluded. If you have already had a bed bug treatment then you are eligible for this program and we will waive the start up fee.

Subterranean Termite Treatment

Full termite treatment consists of a small trench dug around the entire perimeter of your home. Hollow rods are inserted into the ground at 12”- 18” intervals and Termidor will then be injected into the ground through these rods. Termidor is a high-grade termiticide. It may be necessary to drill front porches or concrete slabs but your technician will discuss that prior to treatment and all holes will be filled and sealed upon completion. Treatment takes 3 months for full results. This treatment also greatly reduces ant activity!After Your Termite Treatment, You Will Be Given 2 Options For Your Warranty:

Annual Renewal

All annual renewals are due in January and an inside/outside inspection will then be performed during the warmer months of April-Sept of each year. Your warranty will expire after one year and we will notify you of your Termite Warranty Renewal. Maintaining this warranty is a vital step in the protection of your home. This warranty provides coverage on your home and in the event that a future recurrence of termites is confirmed, Advanced Termite Control will treat your home, using a termiticide, at no additional cost to you!

Live Trapping

2 Weeks of live trapping and removal using animal friendly traps. We will come out every other day to check the traps and surrounding area for animal activity. Please contact the office as soon as you detect that an animal has been captured so that we may alert a technician for timely removal. Please assist us by making sure that the traps and surrounding area are undisturbed by neighborhood children and especially your pets for safety purposes and for successful trapping results.

Flea Treatment

Please treat any pets on property with Frontline or Advantage and/or have them flea-dipped at your veterinarian.

Cover any fish tanks with a towel or blanket and turn the pump off prior to our arrival.

Pick up any clothing, towels or blankets from floors and wash any pet bedding.

Vacuum all carpeted areas immediately prior to our arrival, empty vacuum canister or bag outside of the home and leave your vacuum cleaner outside for the technician to also treat in order to prevent the re-introduction of fleas back into the home.

All people and pets must vacate the premises for a period of three hours, not because the material is unsafe but because it is very wet when applied and we cannot have it tracked onto hardwood floors or other areas of the home that the material is not intended for.


After a detailed inspection to determine the presence and points of entry for the bats, a “funnel system” will be installed to deter the bats from re-entering the premises. After the bats have gone, (about 2 weeks) the funnel system is removed and the area cleaned and sanitized, if accessible. Holes must be sealed. Bat funneling systems can only be performed from the end of August to the beginning of December because the babies are protected through the Dept. of Agriculture during the rest of the year.

Bed Bug Monitoring Program

Bed Bug monitors will be placed strategically throughout your home to monitor the presence of bed bugs. We will return in 1-2 weeks to retrieve the monitors for analysis. Once the presence of bed bugs is confirmed, you will be offered a treatment option that will provide the most effective results based on your infestation level. There is a fee for this monitoring service and will be applied to your bed bug treatment. If no activity is found but bed bugs are of significant concern for you, we can continue to monitor your home each quarter. You must purchase Bed Bug proof mattress encasements for every mattress in your home to be eligible for this service. (Pest control is not provided with the monitoring program and any bed bug treatment is additional)

Thermal Remediation Treatment (Heat)

Thermal treatment is the most effective way to eradicate bed bugs and their eggs by heating up the location to lethal temperatures. This treatment is very desirable as a “green” or non-chemical alternative. Large heating units and multiple fans are brought into your home to raise the temperature to between 122 and 140 degrees. The maximum heat is then maintained for 5 hours with computerized temperature monitors to ensure evenly disbursed lethal temperatures throughout the area. All people, pets, candles, alcohol, aerosols, medications, fireworks, some plastics, firearms and ammunition must be removed from premises. Electronics may remain. You must pull everything (2 feet) out from the walls. After treatment, you will be given the opportunity to go on our Bed Bug Protection Program to cover you at 100% in the event of re-introduction. Thermal Remediation is based upon your total square footage and you must purchase encasements for all mattresses on premises.

Bed Bug Insurance

After an initial, detailed inspection that determines no evidence of bed bug activity or following a recent Thermal Remediation Treatment performed at your location, you will be given the opportunity to go on this annual program. There is a deductible in the event that you get bed bugs per treatment. You are NOT required to have mattress encasements with this program.

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