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Amazing things happen in small places. Stewartstown, PA, is a prime example. For instance, did you know our area has access to high-quality pest control? It’s true. We would know. We are the ones who provide it.

Here is everything you need to know about professional residential and commercial pest control in Stewartstown and some quick information about a few common pests in our area. For direct information from our team about our advanced services, call us today.

Professional Pest Control Experts In Stewartstown


Pests, in general, make living areas feel uncomfortable, dirty, and unsafe. Thankfully, there are methods and treatments that work to get rid of and prevent all different types of pests in Stewartstown.

You need to know that professional pest control trumps any other method people use to combat pest problems. The trick is finding a company that has your best interest in mind. ATC works hard to provide reliable and advanced residential pest control options here in Stewartstown, PA. All you have to do is give us a call.


A business cannot succeed unless it has foundational building blocks for success. One of these building blocks is a safe and friendly environment. Pests make work environments uncomfortable and unsafe. They do things like contaminate food, bite customers, stain carpets, chew holes through walls, damage electronics, and annoy workers.

To avoid these problems, you need to consider the benefits of professional commercial pest control. Let us talk you through the details and find a plan that will properly take care of any and all of your pest problems on your Stewartstown property.

Different Types of Pest Control in Stewartstown, PA

Effective Solutions for Your Pest Problems

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Bird Control

Birds are not always a problem. In fact, many species in our area do not pose any serious issues to locals. However, some species like to nest in local homes and businesses and cause serious problems with their destructive and dangerous droppings.

The question is, what attracts these birds to properties in the first place? The main thing that draws these pests in is food and shelter opportunities. If you want to deter pest birds from your property, you need to invest in professional bird control in Stewartstown, PA.

  • Start with cleanliness. 
  • Move on to food storage.
  • Next, look for leaks.
  • Close off entry points. 
  • Consider residential ant control services.

For more information on ant control in Stewartstown, call ATC Pest Control today.


Termite Control

Termites are tenacious pests that will do anything in order to access the wood that they desire. For Stewartstown homeowners, termites can mean significant amounts of property damage that can be very costly. There are, however, steps that people can take in order to mitigate their exposure to termites. Those tips include:

  • Reduce moisture accumulation. 
  • Avoid wood-to-foundation contact. 
  • Be mindful of other cellulose items. 
  • Work with a pest professional.

Learn more about termite control in Stewartstown, PA.

Most Common Problems Found In Home Inspections In Stewartstown

One service we offer at ATC Pest Control is local pest inspections in Stewarstown. Often we find issues that homeowners did not know what they were dealing with. This is the case for many evasive creatures that do not announce their presence when they invade homes.

These creatures remain well hidden until their population grows large enough that they cannot find hiding places as easily. This is why we say if you see pests like these in broad daylight, you are most likely dealing with a moderate to severe infestation.

The best way to spot a problem early is to invest in professional pest inspections. Talk with our ATC Pest Control team today to learn more.

Insure Your Home Against Pests In Stewartstown, PA

Insuring your home against pests is a prudent and proactive step for several reasons.

These are the following:

  • It protects your investment
  • It prevents health hazards
  • It avoids costly repairs

Living with a pest infestation is stressful. Pest insurance in Stewartstown allows you to relax, knowing that if a problem arises, we can promptly address it. It is an excellent safety and long-term savings strategy.

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