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Amazing things happen in small places. Stewartstown, PA, is a prime example of this. There are so many awesome things to do and great places to see in our small corner of the world. Even in a place where lots of people know each other, we are still finding out new things all the time. For instance, did you know our area has access to high-quality pest control? It’s true. We would know. We are the ones who provide it.

If you are here today looking for service options, we have some things you should consider. Here is everything you need to know about professional residential and commercial pest control in Stewartstown and some quick information about a few common pests in our area. For direct information from our team about our advanced services, call us today. ATC Pest Control is dedicated to providing information to help members of our community find comprehensive answers for whatever pest problems they are up against.

Residential Pest Control In Stewartstown

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What is something you cannot live without in your home? Many people have a favorite nook, gaming room, or lounge that they use every day. One thing that can make these types of areas even better than they already are is the absence of pests. Pests, in general, make living areas feel uncomfortable, dirty, and unsafe. Thankfully, there are methods and treatments that work to get rid of and prevent all different types of pests in Stewartstown.

You need to know that professional pest control trumps any other method people use to combat pest problems. The trick is finding a company that has your best interest in mind. We work hard to provide reliable and advanced residential pest control options at ATC Pest Control. Our team is dedicated to your full protection against all sorts of annoying, dangerous, and destructive creatures that call our area home. All you have to do is give us a call. We will start a dialog about our services, answer any questions you have, and help you make an appointment for your home and property.

Commercial Pest Control In Stewartstown

A business cannot succeed unless it has foundational building blocks for success. One of these building blocks is a safe and friendly environment. Pests make work environments uncomfortable and unsafe. They do things like contaminate food, bite customers, stain carpets, chew holes through walls, damage electronics, and annoy workers.

To avoid these problems, you need to consider the benefits of professional commercial pest control. A quality plan implemented by our dedicated ATC Pest Control professionals will go a long way to solving issues you are facing with local invasive species. Let us start with a visit to your commercial property. We will check around for existing pest pressures, identify how creatures are getting indoors, and create a plan of action to address existing threats and prevent future invaders. We will keep you well-informed through this whole process and make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about which of our services will best meet your individual need. 

If all of this is interesting to you, contact our team today. Let us talk you through the details and find a plan that will properly take care of any and all of your pest problems in Stewartstown.

What Is Attracting Nuisance Birds To My Stewartstown Property?

Birds are not always a problem. In fact, there are many species in our area that do not pose any serious issues to locals and do their own thing without bothering anyone. These are the few pest species that we are going to talk about today. Two examples of pest birds are pigeons and sparrows. Both species like to nest in local homes and businesses and cause serious problems with their destructive and dangerous droppings.

The question is, what attracts these birds to properties in the first place? The main thing that draws these pests in is food and shelter opportunities. They find food in a variety of ways, but mostly by scavenging for it on the ground, inside trash cans, and off of picnic tables and other areas where people eat. Shelter is even easier to find if buildings offer exterior spaces protected from general weather and negative conditions.

If you are looking for a way to deter pest birds from your property, you need to invest in some form of professional bird control. We offer many amazing options for this at ATC Pest Control. All you have to do is give us a call. We will answer your questions and schedule a service visit for your Stewartstown property.

Most Common Problems Found In Home Inspections In Stewartstown

One service we offer at ATC Pest Control is pest inspections. Often we find issues that homeowners did not know they were dealing with. This is the case for many evasive creatures that do not announce their presence when they invade homes.

Pests like ants, moths, and flies might fly or crawl through your living areas without any concern, or pests like cockroaches, rodents, and termites will do everything in their power to stay hidden. Other common evasive pests include carpenter ants, beetles, silverfish, and bed bugs. These creatures remain well hidden until their population grows large enough that they cannot find hiding places as easily. Rodents and cockroaches eventually have to become brave and enter living spaces during the day to find food and moisture.

This is why we say if you see pests like these in broad daylight, you are most likely dealing with a moderate to severe infestation. The best way to spot a problem early is to invest in an inspection. We will find out what common and uncommon pests are causing trouble on your property and offer quick solutions to give them the boot. Talk with our ATC Pest Control team today to learn more about our professional pest inspections.

Why Bed Bugs In Stewartstown Need Professional Treatment

Residents of Stewartstown might encounter bed bugs when they pick their kids up at school, eat out at a restaurant, or stay at a hotel during travel. These pests are parasites that get around via hitchhiking, which means that they latch onto a host and enjoy a free ride. Once these pests have found their way into a home, they require professional treatment in order to be eliminated. One of the main reasons behind this is that bed bug infestations are actually very challenging to identify in the first place. They are often located inside of household furniture or electrical outlets and come out only when people are asleep. While a homeowner might notice a few of the signs of an infestation, a trained pest professional is going to have the experience and skills that are necessary in order to accurately identify the source and spread of a bed bug problem. 

Professional treatments are also necessary because bed bug populations will not go away on their own. While bed bugs usually need a blood meal every three to seven days in order to survive and reproduce, they can actually survive for several months without access to food. Professional intervention is also necessary in order to stop their rapid rate of reproduction. Bed bugs can lay anywhere from 5 to 20 eggs after having eaten and once bed bugs have hatched, they can start reproducing within five weeks. Because of this pace, if infestations are unchecked, they can quickly grow out of control. For more information on bed bug control, call ATC Pest Control today.

How To Stop Ants Getting Into Your Stewartstown Home

Ants are on a mission to get inside your Stewartstown home and find the food and water that they so desperately need. In order to keep these pests out of your property, try the following adjustments:

  • Start with cleanliness. Ants are primarily drawn to sugary or oily substances, which they can find in abundance around your home. To eliminate these food sources, sweep and vacuum often, clean up soap or food spills thoroughly, and don’t allow trash to sit around for long periods of time before taking it out. 
  • Move on to food storage. To further eliminate potential food sources, be sure to keep pet food, meals, and snacks in airtight containers. 
  • Next, look for leaks. Water is also very enticing to ants, so check the pipes underneath your sinks often for leaks and fix any that you find. It may seem silly, but it’s also important to shut off sinks and showers entirely after using them. 
  • Close off entry points. Ants are capable of fitting through very small and seemingly insignificant openings around your home. First, look for any notable cracks or crevices in your foundation and seal them off with silicone-based caulk. Next, you might want to repair window screens that are torn and insert them where they are needed. Finally, place weatherstripping around loose windows and doors. 
  • Receive residential ant control services. One of the most reliable ways to experience fewer ant encounters is by seeking servicing from a pest control company. You may benefit from ongoing protection with treatments like barrier application and granular bait. 

For more information on ant control, call ATC Pest Control today.

Why Bats Can Be A Serious Hassle For Stewartstown Homeowners

Homeowners in Stewartstown are no strangers to bats and the issues that they cause. Many of the problems that bats are associated with can be actually traced back to their feces. When guano, which is feces build-up, occurs in homes, it can lead to both health issues and property damage. The health problem that is most commonly associated with guano is histoplasmosis. This is a lung infection that is instigated by the inhalation of mold or fungal spores. In the case of bats, their fecal matter often contains said spores. Some of the symptoms of histoplasmosis include chills, fever, chest pain, and fatigue. The accumulation of feces can grow very quickly, especially if there are numerous bats present, and is even powerful enough to cause ceilings to cave. 

Another form of property damage that bats are linked with is causing damage to insulation and electrical wiring. They are notorious chewers and as a result, can nibble on anything in their path. When damage occurs in insulation, homeowners may experience less comfortable homes, an increase in energy costs, and exposure to future pest problems. Bats are also capable of causing damage to roofs because they can broaden crevices when they utilize this main point of entry. To avoid these issues and receive reliable bat control, call ATC Pest Control today.

What Stewartstown Homeowners Can Do To Prevent Termites

Termites are tenacious pests that will do anything in order to access the wood that they desire. For Stewartstown homeowners, termites can mean significant amounts of property damage that can be very costly. There are, however, steps that people can take in order to mitigate their exposure to termites. Those tips include:

  • Reduce moisture accumulation. Termites are often lured by humid and damp conditions and in some instances, the effects that it takes on wood. Try to keep basements, attics, and crawl spaces well ventilated and install dehumidifiers if they are needed. It’s also important to redirect condensation from air conditioning units so that water doesn’t pool up next to the foundation. 
  • Avoid wood-to-foundation contact. For homeowners who might be working on a building project, make sure not to rest planks of wood near the home, sheds, or free-standing garages. 
  • Be mindful of other cellulose items. There are other related items that can attract termites, so it’s important to handle them properly. Store firewood logs at least 25 feet away from the home, create at least 18 inches of barrier between mulch beds and the foundation, and keep decks in good condition, replacing parts when necessary. 
  • Work with a pest professional. By enlisting the services of a pest control company, homeowners can receive proactive property inspections and treatments when they are needed. Routine monitoring is an effective way to curb conducive conditions and cut down on potential termite exposure. 

For more information on termite control, call ATC Pest Control today.

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