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Banish molds for good and reclaim the comfort of your Baltimore sanctuary with ATC Pest Control. Embark on a journey toward a fresher, cleaner, and more harmonious home environment with our mold remediation techniques, tailored to safeguard your health and tranquility.

Keep Mold From Impacting Your Home

Mold can harm your family’s health when it grows in your Baltimore, Maryland, home. It thrives in humid conditions and on damp surfaces, causing allergy symptoms in residents that include sneezing, runny noses, red eyes, and skin rashes. Home mold removal will make your house a more comfortable place to reside.

Our technicians at ATC Pest Control know you want to live in a comfortable environment and understand the problems caused by mold. Our team has developed the most advanced mold remediation approach, ensuring we can remove this problematic fungus from your house. We have experience protecting the properties of residents and businesses in Baltimore and the surrounding areas with their mold remediation needs.

Mold can be a troublesome growth, existing wherever moisture is present. Our team is standing by to keep you safe. Call us today to remove mold from your Baltimore and York area property.

Expert Mold Remediation In Baltimore, MD


ATC Pest Control provides the most advanced mold remediation services on the market. We use a thermification process to remove factors that promote mold growth, which involves dehumidifying and heating the affected area. The process allows us to keep your family safe by treating and killing the mold without harsh products. In most cases, we can avoid tearing out the affected areas, saving you money on repairs.

We believe so much in the success of our mold remediation process that we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our mold treatments. If we don’t get rid of the mold in your home, we’ll return to provide further treatment at no extra charge. Our process is so advanced that most mold remediation companies have yet to discover it. However, it’s an approved method by insurance companies, so most homeowners’ insurance policies will cover the treatment.

Mold can be problematic for your home, causing health concerns for your family. Some companies might tear out affected areas, resulting in expensive repairs, but our team has an advanced method to solve your mold issues safely and cost-effectively. Call us today to learn more about our mold remediation services.

Our Mold Remediation Process

mold remediation


The first step in our mold remediation process is to determine the extent of the problem. We’ll inspect your home to find all mold growth, enabling us to develop the best treatment plan for your situation. We’ll keep you involved by discussing the extent of the problem and our solutions with you. We’ll also provide an accurate estimate for our treatment.

Mold Treatment


Our mold remediation process begins by using moisture control products to raise the temperature of the affected area to 140 degrees. We’ll also use a dehumidifier to reduce the relative humidity, removing the factors that promote mold growth. Our advanced process allows us to remove moisture from the air and wet surfaces, kill the mold, and limit the amount of damage to the affected surface.

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

To show our faith in the success of our mold remediation treatments, we’ve taken the unusual step of guaranteeing all of our mold treatments with a lifetime warranty. If our initial treatment doesn’t remove all of the molds in your house, we’ll return to repeat the process, making sure we get rid of the problematic growth to protect your family.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mold Remediation Services

Mold in the outdoor air can get into your home through open doors, windows, vents, or your HVAC system. You can also bring mold in from outside on various items.

Indoor moisture provides the environment for mold growth, so it’s most commonly around leaks, roofs, windows, and pipes. Anywhere that moisture has had a chance to build up can be a prime location for mold growth.

Mold most often grows in cool and dark spaces where moisture is present, usually around basements, roofs, walls, ceilings, and pipes. The best way to find mold in your home is to look for water stains on your ceiling or walls and the musty odor that mold commonly produces.

Technically, anyone can remove mold from their home. However, attempting to clean or cut out the mold from surfaces can cause the spores to disperse and create new issues in other areas. Professional mold remediators will eliminate the moisture and humidity that encourages mold growth and keep the spores from spreading to other parts of your home.

Protect Your Baltimore Home With Mold Remediation

Mold can be problematic for your home, causing allergy symptoms among your family members. Our technicians at ATC Pest Control use an advanced mold remediation process to remove the fungus from your house without damaging the surface.

Don’t let mold make your home an uncomfortable environment. Call us today if you need home mold remediation in Baltimore.

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