Winged Ant or Winged Termite? Know the Difference.


It’s Spring, a wonderful time of year. The flowers are beginning to bloom and the bugs are coming out of hibernation. It’s Termite time, how can you prepare your house to resist these little pests?

Do not ignore any signs of a termite swarm. A termite swarm can happen in any area, even if you have never had a prior termite population. The swarm will look like a cloud of flying ants inside or outside of your home. 

Confusing a termite swarmer with a flying ant is common. Here’s what you need to know to be prepared. 

1. Termite swarmers are thicker in the body and quickly lose their wings. 
2. Termite swarmers have straight antennae. 
3. The wings of a termite swarmer are even in size. 

Just because a swarm dissipates does not mean the issue has been resolved. Termite swarmers are the reproductive individuals and a sign of a healthy colony in close proximity or setting up shop. Also, normal ants will begin to appear. Keep any food cleaned up and stored away in air tight containers and be mindful of pet food left out as well. 

If either of these insects appear in or around your home the best thing you can do is to call a professional. We have the tools, knowledge and personnel to get the job done right!