Termite Treatment (Part 2)

So, now you have had several inspections performed and a good idea where your termite issues are. Most people don’t have inspections performed while all deciding principles are home at the same time. It’s important that just after the inspection was performed that you write down notes pertaining to that company. 

As questions like:

  • Were they on time?
  • Were they rude or not interested in my concerns?
  • Were they extremely professional and did they take the time to explain everything very well?

Rate each one from 1-10. Compare notes with your other decision maker. Go over each of the proposals. Write down what you like and what you don’t like. Again rate them 1-10. You should then have a pretty good idea as to which company you are leaning towards.

Once you have your top company worked out call them and ask for references. Actually call them. Ask how the proposal was different from the actual work performed. Were there any changes? How was the follow up? Would they recommend this company for you to use?

Now, the Internet is tricky. When you are researching a company, make sure it’s the one in your area. Lots of pest control companies have the same name but are not related to each other. Don’t rely on the “Better Business Bureau” for truly accurate reviews. Customer reviews are the best way to go. Read the good ones and the bad ones. It’s hard to make everyone happy but a bad review can be positive if you can see how the company responds to it.

After this has been performed, it’s time to make a decision.

  • Make sure you fully understand the entire process. 
  • Who is treating my home? 
  • What materials are they using? 
  • How long will the material last? 
  • How long is my warranty? Remember, material warranty and your treatment warranty are two different warranties. 
  • What is the cost of my annual warranty and will it ever go up?

Now it’s time to schedule you treatment. Make sure that you schedule your service for a day you will be home. This is very important. You need to make sure that you are getting what you paid for. Watch them. Let them know you are watching them. Ask them questions. You’re not an expert but by now you have a basic understanding about termites and treatments for them.

Tip: Make sure it isn’t going to be raining the day of the treatment. If it is, reschedule.

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Bryan W. Guderjohn
ATC Termite & Pest Control – CEO

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