Pest Control During Pandemic


The Department of Homeland Security declared pest control as an essential service. To prevent sanitation from worsening this pandemic, we are ought to keep a healthy and hygienic working and living environment.


Pest Population Increase

Consequently, the lack of sanitation in restaurants, offices, or homes contributes to the growth of pests. Hence, with the bacteria and viruses they carry, more chances of us catching diseases.

Inevitably, empty buildings provide sanctuary for pests to nest and breed—causing significant sanitation issues and damages.

Therefore, keeping the pest situation intact could ensure the safety of all the necessary products and services offered.  


What do we need to look out for? 

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) included these pests to be controlled:

  1. Rats and mice – Diseases, damage, and droppings are just a few of the countless disappointments these rats contribute. With them around, contaminated food is within unfortunate reach.
  2. Cockroaches – Down to one’s luck, these pests cause of asthma, allergy, and also food contamination. 
  3. Flies – What do you expect from someone who feeds on garbage and sewage? These flying nemeses carry germs like E. coli and Salmonella. Not just that, contaminating food and water are also their forte.
  4. Bed bugs – Sleepless nights are not only the reason, they most likely suck out your blood without mercy. With bites causing mild to severe allergies, nobody wants them around.


Overall, having a strong partnership with our local pest control provider is a good investment for a healthier community. With all the time spent indoor, ain’t this the most convenient time to have your premises inspected? Practically, we can use the downtime to detect infestations. With all this time to kill, more bugs are ought to be exterminated as well. As luck would have it, we all can start from a clean slate by the time everything re-opens.

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