Hotels and Motels Battling COVID-19 and Bed Bugs

Old Nemesis taking advantage with New Enemy 

With the pandemic still raging around the world, some hotels and motels alike maybe now empty and/or running with a skeleton crew—leaving them two more things to worry about: their battle against bed bugs and COVID-19—both alarming and deadly to our health and businesses.


Who’s the culprit now: Bed bugs or Covid-19?

Some had to close down while sitting, waiting, and wishing: when will the business come back to normal? Who’s the culprit, is it Covid-19 or the continued growth of their former nemesis, the bed bugs flocking around the deserted rooms waiting for the doom of business?


With the now declared “new normal,” the majority of these businesses are repurposing as centers for COVID-19 patients and frontline workers. They stand on the edge in fighting two battles at once: the recent enemy and still hailed as very deadly, Covid-19 complimenting the spread of more ancient enemy of hoteliers—bed bugs.


CDC reports that Bed bugs do not carry infectious diseases. However, they are more likely to cost hotels their reputation and hundreds, even thousands of dollars to get rid of them as the clock ticks due to lack of maintenance.


Resistance against the culprit

Fortunately, with the hygiene regulations imposed by the federal government, these little critters are spreading slowly than before. Making the lives of hoteliers a lot easier, but this doesn’t mean that bed bugs have died due to starvation. Bed bugs can go without feeding for 20 to 400 days.


They are unbelievably resilient for their size, and they can last from a couple of months up to almost a year without food. Now when these bugs finally get a visitor, they are more likely going to be more aggressive than before and hungrier than ever after being starved for months.


Hitting two birds with one stone

As regulated by the CDC, hotels are to implement health measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With partnership from a pest management professional, they can also work to prevent the spread and infestation of bed bugs on their rooms and premises. 


Consulting with your local pest management professional today can help prevent further infestation of bed bugs and exterminate that are already in place.  With the use of widely accepted methods of prevention including the pro-active integration of sanitation and pest control professionals, hotels can reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and bed bugs to the community.

With that in mind, reach out to your local pest control professionals today and take a step in sticking it to the real enemies by promoting a healthier and cleaner world to live in.

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