How to rid your home of BED BUGS in one visit!!!!

Some of you may have heard about a new treatment for bed bugs that’s getting a lot of attention lately. It’s called Thermification. And it kills 100% of all bed bugs and their eggs with just one natural treatment in about 6-8 hours on average.

Here’s how it works. Preparation of your home is minimal for the treatment. It’s nowhere near the stress of a chemical treatment. Simply place all medications, birth control, candles and anything that could melt on a hot summer day into the refrigerator. Make sure all of your clothes are hung or in dresser drawers. Do not put clothes in bags. Plants and fish can go into one bathroom. Turn your furnace to heat as high as it will go. That’s pretty much it for preparation.

The first piece of equipment that is placed inside your home is a special dehumidifier that operates at high temperatures. At high temperatures the air inside your home becomes charged with moisture. This device removes all moisture in your home to below 10%. The reason this is done is that bed bugs can survive hot environments. Removing the moisture drastically lowers their thermal death point. Which means they will die quicker and from deeper inside the furniture and walls once the treatment begins.

Large four foot tall heaters are rolled into position throughout your home. These heaters are powered by a generator outside. This heaters are designed to gradually heat the air inside your home. Air going inside the heater is heated 10 degrees warmer when it blows it back out. At 110 degrees the bed bugs become excited and actually come towards the heaters. Once the air temperature reaches 130 degrees, special fans are then strategically placed to take the hot air and move it around the rooms creating thermal air, like a convection oven. When the hot air moves fast it gets hotter and the force penetrates into the mattress, box spring, couch, chairs, walls and everything. This process with the dehumidifier is called,”Thermification”.

​This treatment is by far the most advanced bed bug treatment in the world. So much so, that 100% of all bed bugs and their eggs are killed with just one treatment in one day and it comes with a one year warranty. This process has been developed and tested for several years and is now available to the public. Only one company has this technology and knowledge. ATC Pest Control, Inc. if you have bed bugs or know someone who does its time to take back your home and sleep tight tonight.

​ATC has been at the cutting edge of thermification and is the leading provider in our area. If you think you have bed bugs, do yourself the favor and call us at 1-866-930-4282 to schedule a quote. Don’t live with bed bugs for another day.