Bed Bugs — Don’t Throw Away Your Mattress!

We’ve all seen this driving down the road, but, did you know, that if you have bed bugs, you don’t need to throw away you mattress or furniture? It’s true. 

Mattresses can cost thousands of dollars. Why would you throw it away? If your exterminator tells you to throw away your mattress, couch, chair or any other furniture, you need to throw him away! 

So often I hear the horror stories of people being told to throw away their belongings to help fight bed bugs. People spend hundreds if not thousands on treatment and on top of the inconvenience of having to bag up all your clothes, vacuuming everything everywhere, pulling up carpet and baseboards you’re told to throw away your mattress. Why?

Let me tell you why, from an expert’s point of view: 
Pest control companies that spray pesticides know that it is not effective. They know the bed bugs will be spread out from using the pesticides. To make it easier on the exterminator, they tell you to get rid of the items that have the most activity. Most of the time it’s your mattress. 

Did you know? 
No one, including an exterminator from any company, 
can spray or apply any pesticide to any mattress! It’s Illegal

It’s illegal for a very good reason. People all over have been treating their mattresses and have been poisoning themselves and their children. Hospitals have reported an 800% rise in pesticide poisoning for just this reason alone. You don’t want to lay on a bed treated with chemicals that are designed to be absorb through your skin. 

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So let’s look at this from a consumer’s point of view: 
I have bed bugs! Yuck. A thermal treatment (heat) is on average $1800. Another pest control company says they can do it for $675 and two follow up visits for $180 each. A total of $1035. I want to save money, so I’ll go with the “cheaper option”. Now I have to bag up all of my clothes and take them to have them washed and dried ($25). My chosen pest company told me to throw away my mattress and box spring ($800 down the drain). I had to pull my carpet up away from the baseboard (one day of time). My first treatment was performed ($675). For the next two weeks I have no mattress, live out of trash bags where my clothes are…and, oh yeah, and I still have bed bugs. First follow-up treatment ($180). Again another two weeks of no bed, clothes are still in trash bags and I’m still seeing bed bugs. Two weeks later the last follow up treatment ($180). I tell the exterminator I’m still seeing bed bugs. He says this is normal and he tells me to throw away my couch and chair because the bed bugs have now moved into them because I sleep there since I don’t have my new bed yet ($1000 in the dump). The exterminator tells me to wait another two weeks to call if I see anything. Two weeks go by and I still see bed bugs. I call and they say we can start another treatment for $675. 

So from this true everyday event this consumer thought they were saving money. The total cost was $2885 for two months of treatments and living out of trash bags and still having bed bugs. They have thrown away their mattress, box spring, couch and chair. They now need to buy a new mattress, box spring, couch and chair. That’s another $2000, easily. While they thought they would save $800 by using a company that was cheaper and sprayed pesticides for bed bugs, they ended up spending $4685, and you still have bed bugs.

What if I told you the first option to use heat (Thermal Remediation) for an average $1800 only took 8 hours to perform, no washing and drying of clothes, no putting clothes in bags, no throwing away of your mattress, couch or anything. No harmful pesticides sprayed. No odors. ATC Pest Control’s service comes with a one year warranty.

Which treatment would you choose now?

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Bryan W. Guderjohn
ATC Termite & Pest Control – CEO

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