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Straight-Forward & Honest

There are many types of pest control companies available for you to choose from. Some small, some big, some old, some new. Finding the right one for your situation might not be as easy as you thought. That’s where we come into the equation.

ATC is locally, family owned and operated. Our company was built around providing the highest quality materials in the most responsible ways possible. Protecting your family and home isn’t a cookie cutting process with us. With major emphasis placed on customer service, you will enjoy working with our family with scheduling your service and during your service. We treat you like you deserve. You are the customer and without you we wouldn’t exist.

Straight Forward Honest company

For us it's not about fancy commercials or clever trickery with our agreements. We are a straight forward honest company. No contracts locking you into a service. IMF you are happy with our service you will keep us, if you’re not you shouldn't keep us and are free to leave with no hidden fees.

Time is of the Essence

Everyone is busy and time is tight. We offer a two-hour window where our technician will arrive. This allows you to plan your day instead of wasting it waiting. We customize each service based on your concerns and issues using the latest state of the art materials and techniques to provide a pest free environment.

Passion for Excellence

If you are looking for the cheapest price please keep looking. We are not the cheapest. We decided to build our service around providing high quality materials. They cost more than most of the materials that are used by lesser companies. We do not compromise our service to compete against other companies who don't share our passion for excellence.

Highly Trained Technicians

Our technicians are the highest trained in the country. Each go through an intense 3- year training program where they learn the basics and advanced techniques. Each becomes state certified in multiple states. Each completes an entomology course at Purdue University. Each becomes a certified instructor to teach the same. This is as good as it gets. Most other pest control companies have a 5- day training program if anything at all. This sets us far apart from the competition. Combined we have over 50- years of experience.



If you’re looking for someone who will protect your family and home with respect, knowledge and professionalism, then call 1-866-930-4282 and become part of our family. 

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