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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wait at home all day for your technician?

No, we know you have a busy life and taking a day off of work or rescheduling your life shouldn’t be a requirement for getting quality service.

We provide each customer with a 2 hour arrival window that works with their schedule.

Do I have to call you for every appointment?

No, we will contact you 2 weeks before your scheduling cycle either through email or phone.

Every appointment will be worked into your schedule.

Are your products safe around my children and/or pets?

Yes of course! We use a system called Integrative Pest Management where we only treat for the issues at hand. We use targeted products which are all green and friendly to your family. The only product which could harm a child or pet is the rodent bait. Our technicians are trained to place this bait far out of reach. Additionally, we are a family owned and operated company, and have many pets in our home as well. We do not purchase products for use in your home that we don’t use in our own. 

Does ATC take care of unwanted wildlife?

Yes! Please take a look at our trappings programs. We humanely trap any wild life such as squirrels, ground hogs, raccoon…etc. Once the animal is caught we remove them from your property and set them free over 20 miles away in a secluded area where they can thrive but not return to your home.

Do you operate on Saturdays?

Yes! Our office is open from 9 am-12 pm on Saturday mornings. Our technicians also work during these hours to allow for the most flexibility to your schedule.

When I call the toll-free number, will I reach an automated call center or a real person?

Our office does not have an automated answering service. When you call during business hours you will always be answered by one of our Office Staff. All of them are knowledgeable and able to help you with questions or concerns. If you do reach our answering machine we will call you back as soon as we are able. ​

How are your technicians trained?

Each technician has passed through the Purdue University Entomology Program, received extensive in-house training and state certification. 

Will ATC spam my email address or sell it to another service?

ATC will only send you emails pertinent to your account on file with us. We do not send out spam or advertising emails. Your information is completely confidential and will never be sold/provided to an outside company without a government issued warrant.

Will your products damage my flooring?

All of our technicians are specifically trained to place products where no harm will be done.

Do I need to leave my home during treatment?

All of our products are odorless and harmless to humans and pets. We only have two treatments which you may not be in the home for. Thermal Remediation Treatments reach high temperatures which are not comfortable to inhabit. Also, our Flea Treatment is very wet and should not be moved away from where we have placed it in order for it to be most effective.

Do I need to move furniture away from the walls or out of a room for treatment?

Absolutely not! All of our technicians are trained to place treatment around your home without disrupting your life. If something needs to be moved we will move it and replace it once treatment has been completed.

What if I do not have a specific pest issue, may I still have an inspection?

Yes! We perform free inspections, within our service area, for suspected pests or your peace of mind.

How do I pay for service?

We accept Visa and MasterCard, personal check or cash. Our technicians can process your credit card through their mobile devices right from the field, and accept your cash or check as payment.

We do offer a 10% cash discount at time of service.

Will I be locked into a long contract?

We do not lock our customers into any sort of contract. We want you to be a lifelong ATC customer, but if at anytime you are unhappy with your service or need to cancel your service with us, you are welcome to do so. Make sure you read our guarantee. 

When can I have a re-treatment?

Once service has been performed at your location we ask for two weeks for full results. Once those two weeks have passed we are able to perform a re-treatment for you.

ATC Annual Protection

You will be protected against ants, mice, bees, wasps, hornets, carpenter ants, crickets, spiders, flies, roaches, stink bugs, silverfish, earwigs, moths, rats, clover mites, spring tails, fleas, ticks, cicada killers, and many more. Our specialized treatment services can also protect you against termites and also comes with bed bug insurance